Is it a cheese…?

At first glance, yes, a lovely gooey cheese…

However, on closer inspection:

could it be… a dessert?

Why yes, in fact – check out the outer packaging:

Uh huh – it’s a mini cheesecake – complete with spoon! Of course, any dessert is much better with this:

Double cream. Why can’t we get this in Canada again????

And completed with some pitted cherries (I pitted them and the kitchen looked like a massacre site after I was done!!!):


Check out 85 degrees Coffee for more info…

5 thoughts on “Is it a cheese…?”

  1. i have never had double cream before and would love to try it. it looks like it has the consistency of thick sour cream, but i imagine it's sweeter? i've seen it in recipes but have never used it. is it possible to make your own?

  2. Mardi… um… I don't know how to say this, but better forge ahead. You are on the other side of the globe, right? Vacationing and catching up with friends and family. Yet not only are you managing to blog well and regularly; not only is Neil blogging TOO and doing a great job; but you somehow manage to find the exact photo from last November that you need to make your point?? Are you a Superhero? Because I'm feeling very intimidated and inferior at this point. Especially given the fact that I'm supposed to attempt to guest blog while you're in Laos. Way to set the bar high…

    PS: my "word verification" for this post is dumini, which sounds like an insult to me. They've been weirdly apt lately.

  3. Carrie, I think "geek" is the term you are looking for!! My mum is now used to the fact that I will photograph everything and my dad knows not to start eating until I have taken its photo!

    If it makes you feel any better I still have one assignment overdue for and will be struggling to get this week's on in… I seem to be having too much fun blogging!!!

    PS: Can't wait to get your guest post!!!


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