If Qantas can do it…

All right, so have made it through another flight but this time, it was surprisingly pleasant.

Instead of either no food or very very average food, mum and I were greeted with this:

Cereal, milk, a kind of raisin tea biscuit, sliced apples, juice and a hot drink….

What’s this? BREAKFAST??? On an plane???? For FREE????????

My dad informs me that Qantas is a full service airline, unlike most airlines in North America who don’t feed you on “domestic” flights, even if they are 5 hours long… This Sydney-Adelaide flight was just 2 hours long!!!

Very impressive Qantas!

2 thoughts on “If Qantas can do it…”

  1. Right but Porter don't fly to Australia for the moment and if they did, it would be a VERY LONG flight in those little planes!


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