The sauce that just keeps on keeping on..

Last week’s Seafood Newburg left us with a lot of leftover sauce… What to do?

1. Purchase 2 lobsters on special from Grocery Gateway:

2. Sautée them in some a big dob of butter.

3. Slowly heat up the sauce with the sautéed lobster and voilà you have a lobster bisque-type dish.

Delicious! (NB, we STILL had leftover sauce so it wasn’t quite as decadent as it sounds…)

3 thoughts on “The sauce that just keeps on keeping on..”

  1. that looks so good! i've never made lobster, but i've been thinking of trying it and you've inspired me =)

  2. beef wellington and now lobster neuburg? i so wish we lived closer. you'd probably have to kick us out on a regular basis though, as we'd show up late afternoon looking hungry and hopeful. 🙂

  3. Indeed Cathy, the food-for-neighbours program has been a huge success. In fact, I believe several of them are taking a collection to ensure we enrol again in the autumn.

    However now it's done, we have to do all from scratch…and who has the time to make a proper Sauce Espagnole et cetera. And get all the stuff.

    I think I should try and make Thursday or Friday "cooking class night" even without the class. Though having all the ingredients in the pantry when one arrives is a nice luxury!


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