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French Fridays with Dorie: Spiced butter-glazed carrots

I normally would not write a whole blog post about a side dish but trust me, like all of Dorie’s dishes, this is a winner and deserves a whole post of its own!  This week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe is from page 335 and if you haven’t completely decided on your Christmas side dishes, […]

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Back to reality

As you’re reading this I am back at school for professional development week sitting through the first of many meetings after flying in from Seattle and IFBC on the redeye (ouch!).  Never fear, there will be posts about my weekend coming up soon but for now, since it’s back to reality after a long summer […]

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Salad days

We interrupt this Road Trip and its gourmandises for a much-needed post about … salad. Yes, dad this is for you.  How you can have lived with a wife and at least one daughter who would live on salad if they had the choice and still find it boring is beyond me. So I am […]

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Keeping it Fresh

Keeping it Fresh

Augh – the dreaded leftover vegetables. You know them, the ones you buy a week before you go away because you think that you will cook some healthy meals with them in preparation for your food festival holiday. Yup, there they are: So what to do? Give them to the neighbour in a lame attempt […]

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Brought to you by the colour purple!

Brought to you by the colour purple!

Today’s photos were taken simply because I was inspired by how pretty the purple beans looked when I was at Rowe Farms the other day. Also, since I have been blogging and taking (more) photos, I am really inspired to learn how to take GREAT pictures. To be honest, most of my pictures are taken […]

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