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Wanna be a guest blogger?

Ok so here’s the deal… I am off to Australia tomorrow for the first time in 7 years! Family reunions, 90th birthdays and various events to catch up with friends will not stop me from posting, I am pretty sure! However, on July 24th, I head to Laos for two weeks and since I am […]

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Butternut squash ravioli with brown butter sauce

Butternut squash ravioli with brown butter sauce

Inspired by my good friend Cathy who made this Emeril Lagasse recipe last time we visited her in Grand Rapids, and by this recent blog post on EatBlogSleep, I decided to use up the last of the green garlic (leftover from this salad) and the wonton wrappers we had in the fridge before I head […]

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BLT challenge hots up….

BLT challenge hots up….

Ok, so we’ve planted the plants for the BLT challenge. We have even convinced friends to plant the arugula for the “greens”. Neil has ordered the pork belly from our local organic butcher – Rowe Farms. I ordered the curing salts. Today the kosher salts arrived for the curing. Cleo is VERY interested:

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Everything in moderation, right?

Everything in moderation, right?

It’s a little too early in the morning to start comparing European and North American eating habits but one of the things I have to say I truly miss about living in Paris and Europe is their ability to really enjoy everything in moderation. I mean, a little chocolate with your breakfast – who could […]

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Onions on eatlivetravelwrite.com

Chef school tip #2: Chopping onions

Another trick we learned in Chef School was how to use our (heart attack inducingly-expensive new knife set). Last year for his birthday, I signed Neil up for George Brown’s Knife Skills course and gave him the knives (because I am so nice!). In Culinary I, one of the first things we learned was how […]

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Real macarons in Toronto!!!

Real macarons in Toronto!!!

OMG – check them out! They come from Chabichou, right here in Toronto. Doing a bit of a Google search turned up an article in Toronto Life which reveals that it’s run by the same people who run the wonderful Tati Bistro, just a few blocks east of Chabichou. And just to prove that even […]

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