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  1. Mr. Neil
    Oct 31 - 07:23

    Devilled, for me. Then again, there’s an argument that all is a bastardisation of the eggs being “delved”, as in hollowed out. 😉

    LOVED these. Mr. Neil is a wasabi and spice fan, as you know. However as with the simple act of sprinkling paprika over eggs, the heat is tempered by the soothing egg. In this case, the pickled ginger added a nice touch.

    Simple, a good addition to a 70s retro party…

  2. idiosyncratic eye
    Oct 31 - 07:27

    Deviled is American, devilled is English, I don’t know where the Canadians stand on the matter. 🙂

  3. Ann Mah
    Oct 31 - 12:42

    I love deviled (American spelling) eggs and yours are so dainty — you’d never guess that a spicy heat of wasabi lurked beneath their pretty swirls!

  4. Hi Mardi, this is such a devilish little twist to this egg dish. Love the wasabi and ginger. Happy Hallowe’en

  5. Geoff
    Oct 31 - 17:49

    Devilled always. Eggs – the most versatile ingredient in cooking, the most taken for granted and one part of one of the best dishes ever – bacon and eggs.

  6. Words Of Deliciousness
    Nov 01 - 21:59

    Your devilled eggs look yummy. I am surprised to hear that you have never made devilled eggs.

  7. Rosa
    Nov 02 - 04:50

    Merveilleux! J’adore le wasabi et le devilled eggs.



  8. Cindy
    Nov 03 - 07:44

    Mardi I searched the whole of the Egg Farmer’s site, and for the life of me I can not find one video … I have had been following their blog (on my Google Reader) for some time. If you have a “link” that I have obviously missed (sry) please let me know ! Thanks 🙂

  9. Just finding this as I am back from vacation. I think this is what I want to make tonight! Thanks Mardi!

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