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  1. Dessert By Candy
    Jul 29 - 02:31

    Agree that this is the quinessential summer dessert. Too bad there’s so much stigma against gelatine dessert. I was surprised by the clarity too.

  2. Maya@Foodiva's Kitchen
    Jul 29 - 02:57

    Your lovely terrine is packed full of fruits, and looked really, really light despite the gelatine. I can see why you enjoyed it so much!

  3. one expat's life
    Jul 29 - 04:05

    Your berry terrine looks just lovely.

    And I live in Germany so I feel your pain on the weather front, this has been the most miserable summer I can remember. I was sitting at an outdoor cafe yesterday in a turtleneck and scarf!

  4. Eliot
    Jul 29 - 05:53

    Why, oh,why would one buy a box of jello again? I am sold!

  5. I probably would have shied away from this recipe because of the gelatin. You’ve made me realize how elegant it is and gelatin isn’t a thing to fear from our past.

  6. I like a little Jello now and then. I’m sure I’d love you elegant version.

  7. Liz
    Jul 29 - 09:12

    Mardi, your terrine is stunning! I love that you served it topped with more berries…mmmmmm.

  8. Cher
    Jul 29 - 09:48

    This is truly lovely, Mardi.
    I wish something like this had been around in my youth instead of the odd Jell-o salads of potluck lore…

  9. Kate@Diethood
    Jul 29 - 10:40

    That is gorgeous! I love that you added those macerated berries…I would have enjoyed that extra sweetness.

  10. K A B L O O E Y
    Jul 29 - 10:44

    This is a beautiful dessert, that I, a Jell-O, aspic and gelatin enemy, could love. I didn’t grow up with any of those molded Jell-O salads, just regular Jell-0 with the occasional addition of canned pineapple, but I just don’t like the stuff. Hope to change my mind if I keep seeing things as pretty as this. But still — it’s wiggly, right?

  11. Andi of My Beautiful Adventures
    Jul 29 - 11:05

    Looks incredibly delicious!

  12. This looks wonderful with the fruit suspended…love the summer berries.

  13. Curt
    Jul 29 - 11:58

    It’s pushing 90 degrees today and getting warmer eah day. That looks just perfect for a day like this!

  14. Your photos are amazing! This dessert looks so refreshing and delicious and I’m sure will convert anyone with a fruit/gelatin aversion 🙂

  15. Steph I
    Jul 29 - 12:57

    Mardi, As usual, your photos are to die for! You really captured the essence of this lovely dessert. Makes me want to try it again!

  16. Kathleen
    Jul 29 - 20:32

    This really looks gorgeous!

  17. Ann
    Jul 30 - 00:13

    Absolutely stunning – it’s like a slice of sunshine…

  18. Betsy
    Jul 30 - 18:48

    French terrine is so much more elegant than Jell-O. Yours looks beautiful. I especially like the berries spooned over it. Lovely.

  19. penny aka jeroxie
    Jul 31 - 10:06

    What a pretty pretty terrine. And just perfect for summer

  20. Vicki @ WITK
    Jul 31 - 10:45

    This is such a pretty dessert! It looks like the perfect thing to have with all this hot weather we’ve been having this summer!

  21. Lola
    Jul 31 - 13:53

    Gorgeous pictures! We loved this at my house.

  22. Adriana
    Jul 31 - 21:33

    Your terrine looks fantastic and I love the idea of serving it as a ‘palate cleanser’ after your Charcutepalooza meals. The macerated berries look fantastic. I’ll definitely make those when I try it with a grapefruit juice base.

  23. This looks so beautiful, Mardi!

  24. Paula
    Aug 06 - 12:16

    Beautiful, refreshing dessert Mardi. Love the first dish it was photographed in too.

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