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Massimo Bruno’s popette d’uova

Popette d’uova


(1 egg usually makes 2 to 3 balls)

5 eggs
around 10og freshly grated Romano cheese
around 100g bread crumbs (I used panko)
good amount chopped parsley
oil for frying (I used olive oil)
1 can of peeled tomatoes and basil
1 small espresso spoon of baking soda
2 garlic cloves
olive oil


Beat the eggs and slowly add the cheese first, then the bread crumbs, the parsley, the baking soda, the seasalt and beat all together. You should have a semisolid consistency and since I make this recepie without one, you might need more or less cheese and bread crumbs.  Use your instinct, if it’s too liquid add more bread crumbs and stick your finger in it to taste for salt and flavour.

Once you’re done, heat the oil in a frying pan, the oil is done when you splash a little flour on it  and drizzles or use a thermometer, but make sure it’s hot enough otherwise the balls will absorb the oil.

With the help of 2 spoons or I usually use an icecream round scoop, spoon off the egg mixture into the hot oil, turn them when they’re lightly brown, it usually takes less than a minute and put them on a bowl with paper towel on the bottom.

Once done, make a simple tomato sauce, blend with a food processor the canned tomatoes, than gently heat a sauce pan with olive oil and  garlic and cook the garlic until very light gold, add the tomatoes plus  some water to rinse the container,  than add a lots of basil and some seasalt and let it cook for 30 minutes. You want to have  a liquidy sauce against dense, because the balls will absorb the liquid.

Once the sauce it’s ready dip in the egg balls and let them cook for half hour….they’re usually better the day after and it’s a good dish to make in advance.

Enjoy !