It’s not all burgers and fries….

So here I am in Chili’s at Edmonton “International” Airport. Anyone who knows me will be surprised at this, since a sort of upscale fast food restaurant that serves Mexican-themed food (Toronto Life magazine says “think generic family dining covered in Velveeta Pepper Jack” but that’s a bit harsh) isn’t really my meal of choice before a four hour evening flight…

Right now it’s 4pm and I didn’t eat lunch since I was racing through West Edmonton Mall during the lunch break of the conference I was speaking at here. (In fact some punter who probably wanted to sell me something “As seen on TV” – you know those stalls in the middle of malls – called out after me, “Enjoy your mall walking, miss” – apparently some people do that for exercise!)

I needed something for linner (doesn’t sound as elegant or catchy as “brunch” for sure but that’s what it was – lunch+dinner!). On the Chili’s menu, I spied this:

Lettuce wraps
Delicious Asian-spiced chicken with carrots, water chestnuts, cilantro, crispy rice noodles and toasted almonds. Served with lettuce and sesame-ginger and peanut sauces for dipping.

Sounds too good to be true, right? But no – here it is (below). I was impressed. If you took away the music selection (“Thriller” anyone?) you might have easily imagined you were in an Asian restaurant. Or maybe even a market stall somewhere..

For airport food, it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

(well and you KNOW that I needed a beer after all the stress of presenting my research. Well deserved, I say!)

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  1. Cathy May 26, 2009 at 04:19 #

    i LOVE the lettuce wraps at chili’s too! and their smoked gouda and roasted veggie quesadilla is yummy as well. oh, and charlotte calls lunch + dinner “linner” too. 😉

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